Workers Compensation: The Most Common Types of Injuries

Workers Compensation: The Most Common Types of Injuries

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by: David J.

When a person breaks or otherwise suffers an injury in the workplace or in an accident, such as the time a car rear-end another car, a fall or a blow to the head, the consequences can be devastating. When a person experiences more than one injury, the consequences can also be quite severe. In 2016, the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average compensation for an employee who suffered a work-related injury was $15,000.

However, due to the lack of medical insurance and the high rates of unemployment, the majority of people who suffer injuries at the workplace are unlikely to receive adequate compensation. Even under good circumstances, these injuries are very challenging to treat.

When a person suffers an injury, the medical bills, the pain and the time taken to recover from the injury can be daunting. However, when a person’s employer also suffers a significant financial loss, this can further complicate things. As a result, most workers and their families find themselves having to deal with a combination of financial hardship and disability.

When a person’s employer suffers a financial loss from a worker’s compensation claim, this is a financial setback that makes it even more difficult for most people, especially when someone is currently having to work and earn money to pay for the treatment of their injury.

People who were injured at work often suffer from financial setbacks, as they are unable to work and cannot work due to their injuries. Because they have incurred a financial loss and are unable to work, many people who suffer from work-related injuries struggle with what should have been a straightforward, and simple, process becoming more complicated and time consuming.

What is Work-related Injuries?

While there are numerous types of injuries that can arise from the work environment (and many more than the specific injury mentioned), the most common type of workplace injuries are those that are work-related injuries. These are injuries that are primarily caused by an accident at work or by a work-related activity (such as the use of a tool or instrument, the use of machinery, etc.), and are not caused by a person’s physical or mental incapacity, disease, or defect.

These types of injuries generally include such things as:

Back and neck injuries, including

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