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Why affirmative action is racist

Why affirmative action is racist

Guerrero: Affirmative action cases aren’t about ending discrimination. Their goal is white supremacy.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in the first-ever affirmative action case in the country, which could come up on the court in the next few days. The plaintiff, who is African-American and disabled, wants to force universities to accept less qualified applicants as well as less qualified students with disabilities.

In other words, white applicants are going to continue to be the preferred choice for admissions to schools.

In this case, the plaintiff faces a huge dilemma. If she accepts the “no-qualified minority” policy, she can’t use the courts to achieve her goals. She can’t get rid of affirmative action. But she will also lose the opportunity to use affirmative action as a weapon against her own race.

The reason affirmative action policy is racist

There’s now enough evidence to link affirmative action to white supremacy, and that’s exactly what the plaintiff in the case is hoping to make happen.

Here are two recent examples of how affirmative action is becoming a white power structure in higher education.

First, some of the most prestigious colleges in the country will eliminate affirmative action from admissions.

They won’t change the policies, but they can eliminate all their admissions officers and counselors, eliminating the means by which they can use affirmative action as a means to discriminate against people of color.

Second, other colleges and universities may end their affirmative action policies to accept people from the most economically disadvantaged racial groups, which in turn makes them appear less competent in terms of diversity.

The end result is that this country will soon be more like France, where the government has no more power to regulate the French people than to regulate students who want to bring in French citizens.

In other words, the only difference between affirmative action and the French system is that the French government allows people to move away from the French people and into another system altogether.

The end result will be a nation dominated by people of European descent. White people have been ruling this country since the founding, and they’ve been ruling it since they were the dominant group in

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