The woman who was reported missing by her partner was found dead in her vehicle

The woman who was reported missing by her partner was found dead in her vehicle

Search for those swept away by Ontario floodwaters during storm comes up empty, missing 2 men and 2 women

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TWO missing people found safe at a home in the province’s Gaultois region Saturday have been identified.

The people found safe are:

A man known only as Mark was found dead and a woman who had been reported missing by her partner Saturday afternoon. Ontario Provincial Police have closed the case and said the search for the woman had been called off because of the weather.

According to a post from the OPP Saturday night, the woman was reported missing in the evening after her vehicle was found near where she lived.

“When the OPP arrived on scene the vehicle was located by the homeowner next door. The woman was found deceased inside the vehicle,” the post said.

The search for the woman was called off Saturday afternoon because of the weather.

A man who worked on the farm where the woman lived when called police to report that Mark had died.

Mark was a retired police officer, who served with the Niagara Regional Police Force and the Durham Regional Police.

Police said he was found inside a home where he lived alone with the woman who was reported missing.

A friend of the couple, who lived with them for several years, said they were both retired police officers.

Mark is the only person found alive in the search for the woman.

She is the only person that police have officially confirmed as missing since the storm.

The woman who was found dead was named by police as Angela G., 45.

She was described as a “woman who enjoyed life.”

Police said they believe the woman who died is the same woman who was reported missing by her partner.

Police also said they have no reason to link her death to the storm.

The man who remains unidentified remains under police guard in hospital, the OPP said.

Police said they would release more details about his identity as the search for his two missing friends continues.

As the search for the missing begins, police are warning anyone who encounters a man who matches the descriptions of Mark and Angela to

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