The Truth About Israel

The Truth About Israel

Letters to the Editor: Walk in Israelis’ shoes before criticizing their election choices

Let’s face it. We know the truth about the United States of America. The most powerful country in the world today, with the highest rate of social mobility among nations. Our system of government is democratic, with freedom of speech and expression in accordance with our founding fathers’ principles of equality, justice and peace.

The United States of America has given to the world, a model to follow in the world. It’s a model of a government that is run by a group of people, both elected and appointed, to ensure that the citizens of that nation, are living in peace and harmony with one another and the environment.

We know the truth about the United States of America, and since that is the truth, we should also know the truth about Israel. Israel has followed every tenet of the United States of America in its system of government. In Israel, they are accountable to their people, not Washington, and they are accountable to the same law that we all are. Both Israel and the United States are democracies. We are both governed by the rule of law, in peace and harmony, and I am proud to be an Israeli citizen.

Israel is a modern nation in the middle of the Mediterranean with one of the most progressive economies in the world. They have high standards for citizens, and we have high standards for members of the military. They have high quality education and healthcare for all. The list is long.

We know what Israel is about – they are pro-peace, and I wish them continued success. It is sad that there are so many people that would rather ignore or attack their government and elected officials than talk about the issues that affect their future. We know what is better for their country, and it is not “change.”

To those people that choose to ignore or criticize Israel, I ask you to please walk in Israel’s shoes for a moment. It will be easier to

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