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The Republican Party is the Party of Big Government

The Republican Party is the Party of Big Government

Op-Ed: The allure of the Republican Party is baffling. Voters will regret falling for it

The party of big government is trying hard to persuade, and perhaps seduce, its primary voters. We are at a crossroads. I call it “the big tent.”

To the right is the Republican Party. They are the party of big government, the party of tax cuts, the party of privatization, and most especially the party of social Darwinism. In the past 30 years, the Republican Party has made a pact with a philosophy that says government is there to serve the people who elect it and not vice versa. Government as a business is out. Government as an altruistic force is in.

And yet, in the last election, the Republican Party chose to embrace this philosophy. In this election, they chose to embrace this philosophy.

They chose to endorse social Darwinism through their candidate, Donald Trump.

Trump is a small government, small-minded, small-c conservative. He is a tax-and-spend realist who does not trust the government. He does not trust the free market. He believes that the best government is one with the most power, yet controls the power least.

Yes, the Republican Party chose to embrace this philosophy of small government, which is antithetical to their long-term goal of preserving liberty. They are going to do what I believe is the worst thing for liberty today. They are going to make it even more difficult for liberty to exist.

The Democrats have embraced the philosophy of social Darwinism. They have embraced the party of big government, the party of big taxes and the party of privatization. They have embraced a philosophy that says social Darwinism is right and government is evil. They have embraced a culture of activism that requires government to take care of its citizens.

These are the Democrats to whom Donald Trump is appealing.

The Democrats are big government, big taxes, big spending. They are the party for big government. And the Republican Party is for the big tent, the party for small government,

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