The Proud Boys Don’t Have a Twitter Account

The Proud Boys Don’t Have a Twitter Account

The Proud Boys Presented Dan Cox With a Gift. Now, He Says He Didn’t Keep It.

Dan Cox, a young, bearded man who has grown into a very colorful character who is now a part of the Proud Boys movement, had a gift for the group. In late 2017, he got the gift of a small gift bag. Two young, burly men in their mid-to-late twenties came to see Cox about his work. They weren’t impressed with what he was doing, and they were upset he didn’t have a Twitter account.

And, of course, he didn’t have Twitter, so he made that a requirement.

As if it weren’t surreal enough that “journalists” were trying to get Cox to have a Twitter account, they had a very real concern with Cox in particular. Cox was described by one of them as being a “pussy” for not having a Twitter account.

That is all part of what is a big problem with what we see now, where reporters want to see people who support them and have them as their media. They want to try and portray their movement in the worst possible light. The idea is to smear people who didn’t agree with them, they claim people on Twitter are racist, that they’re just a bunch of people who are bigoted. They want to say the Proud Boys were involved in this, that they were out racist, that these were all the things they claim.

In this interview, Cox and the men from the Proud Boys asked me about Trump and the Proud Boys, their background, what the Proud Boys do, and their goals and why they support people like Cox who are against Trump.

The man Cox was with is the other Proud Boys guy, a 28-year-old man from Ohio, he has a tattoo of the American flag on his arm. His name is Nick and he’s known on his Twitter feed as @ProudlyNick. Nick doesn’t have a Twitter account. All he has is this blog called ProudlyNick, and it’s where he tells everyone how proud he is of his new tattoos, and where he talks about Trump being a “jackass” and Proud Boys being “the best.” Cox got a tattoo with an American flag on it, too. It

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