The New Otter Inn, the original ‘Sesame Street’ restaurant, is open again

Written by By Cari Scribner, CNN

After a long absence, the voice of Eugene Smalls (aka Emmet Otter) is returning to “Sesame Street.”

The show is bringing back the fictional landmark The New Otter Inn, at which Otter sang, “There’s no place like The New Otter Inn! There’s no place like The New Otter Inn!”

The St. Louis-based restaurant was briefly featured during a 2018 episode of “Sesame Street” that featured actors from the film “The Greatest Showman” performing around famous American landmarks.

The doors reopened to the public on Thursday, in a lively ceremony hosted by “Sesame Street” and SESAME STREET restaurant owner, Rick Chatelain.

Eugene Smalls wasn’t the first cast member to appear on the show. A few years earlier, Bert and Ernie were both seen singing in front of “Montauk,” and Muppets were seen doing music workshops in Edna Stanley’s Bayou Bakery and the Muppets’ Army Depot camp.

Chatelain is getting a lot of press for opening Sesame Street’s newest restaurant — not to mention the highly publicized film ” Sesame Street “

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