The Movie Is Going To Be Gambit

The Movie Is Going To Be Gambit

Samuel L. Jackson challenges Quentin Tarantino’s hot take on Marvel actors and their power, arguing that the director is ignoring the people who are currently in charge of Marvel’s cinematic universe. And as a result, his new comic book hero, Gambit, is getting a big boost, a promotion and an “in-ring audition” to land the role of Spider-Man in what will be the second film about Marvel’s top superhero.

For some time now, I’ve wondered whether Tarantino would finally make Gambit the movie of his dreams, the one that would break in as the new Spider-Man at the movies. But now, with the Marvel Universe finally on the cusp of getting a live-action TV show—one that will be helmed by Marvel Comics’ President, Kevin Feige—and Marvel Comics’ latest writer, Ed Brubaker, recently penning a Gambit comic book as well, I am finally going to see if the movie is really going to be Gambit.

In the short run, Gambit has been a great success at making the rounds in the comics press because there is at least a strong chance it could wind up in theaters in the next two years.

Gambit is an anti-hero by Marvel Comics’ standards. The comic book, which has been in development with Marvel Comics for several years, is a story about a young criminal named Jonathan Scott who is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors (he played the character Gambit to great acclaim and won the best actor Tony Award), who also happens to be a thief.

He is a master of disguise and a master of disguise has always been a trademark of the character Gambit. At the beginning of the comic book, Jonathan is still trying to make a name for himself with a number of small jobs. He uses disguises, like the costume he is wearing in the comic with the mask and the black mask, but his last big job is a bit more elaborate, and he turns into the superhero Gambit to pull off a bank heist, which leaves him with a bit of an extra bonus when he walks out.

He is a master thief and as

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