The Laredo Police Department’s Investigation into the Helicopter Crash

The Laredo Police Department's Investigation into the Helicopter Crash

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The crash of a sheriff’s helicopter and other planes into a building in South Texas that killed three people and sent scores of others to the hospital has spawned a firestorm of criticism from the sheriff’s office and a new criminal investigation that has already drawn scrutiny from the Justice Department.

Officials initially said the helicopter crashed near the Interstate 35 overpass, but an investigation showed that the Laredo International Airport’s runway was actually on the opposite side of the highway.

The Laredo Police Department eventually launched an internal investigation into the crash.

In the days since the crash, the Laredo Police Department has struggled to explain what caused the helicopter to crash.

A timeline of events shows how the crash occurred, and how Laredo officials tried to get away with what was clearly negligence.

The following is a timeline of the events of the crash and Laredo’s attempts to cover it up.

May 17:

Laredo International Airport spokesman Chris Hocart tells the Associated Press that the crash occurred in the area of the overpass road, where the police helicopter was apparently preparing to land.

From The New York Times:

Tranquil, scenic I-35 runs through a valley of cotton fields, a quiet residential neighborhood and the Laredo International Airport — a small airport that is home to hundreds of domestic and foreign flights, as well as private jets.

Investigators have said there were three crashes during the day of May 17, but that authorities were looking for a fourth, which the airport said was “potentially related” to the accident. At least 200 people were injured.

On May 19, Laredo police chief Alfredo Domínguez said there was a fourth crash in the area, but not at the airport.

May 20:

The Laredo Police Department investigates the crash of the helicopter and the pilot’s response.

May 23:

The Laredo Police Department announces that the airport has paid off $5.4 million in compensation to the victims of the crash.

May 24:

The Laredo Police Department issues a news release announcing

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