The Greatest Disaster in America’s History Was the Creation of Our Own Government

The Greatest Disaster in America’s History Was the Creation of Our Own Government

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Apr 28, 2013 at 12:01 AM

The last few days have been horrible, with many of our neighbors and people in our communities dying. It’s an absolutely terrible turn of events. It’s almost unreal. All around us, people are dying.

There’s no question the current administration put us where we are, in an already weakened state. There’s no question that the war President Obama unleashed on the Middle East and on all of America began in the White House. It’s now clear that President Obama is no longer the man we once knew him to be.

Our president has been doing exactly the same things he did when he ran for office – attacking our freedom of speech and freedom of the press, shutting us down, and threatening our freedom of religion.

In the beginning of 2009, when Barack Obama was running for president, a group of Americans sat on the grass on the Mall of America and had an important conversation about what change we wanted to see in our government. They were discussing the problems that our nation was facing, with all of the problems that they’d been facing for years.

For eight years, our Congress has been spending far too much, giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, less money in the hands of the working class to create a more equitable society. It’s just not working. Our country is in serious financial crisis, and the people who have created all of the problems are the ones with whom we’ve been dealing for the last eight years.

And while most of the problems that we face are of our own making, the greatest disaster has been that of our own making. I believe that the greatest disaster in America’s history was the creation of our own government – the creation of the government that we now have, which has been run by people who had no responsibility for the problems that they’ve created.

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