The Government is Trying to Supress Evidence

The Government is Trying to Supress Evidence

Oath Keepers Leader Points Finger at Colleagues in Sedition Trial

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The whole thing is an absolute farce. All of the lawyers of the State of Texas have not only been ordered to produce all documents relating to the case, it was ordered that they would be held in contempt if they did not comply. This is obviously an attempt to intimidate and stop all criticism of the government’s persecution of a political organization. We are now in the situation where people who are trying to gather information, and expose wrongdoing, are being threatened with civil contempt for violating orders by the government. These are, by definition, the same people that are telling the government to obey the First Amendment by not releasing classified documents. If these people are going to threaten and threaten the government and its attorneys, they need to explain why they are doing this. One would have thought that this contempt motion had nothing to do with the First Amendment.

As some other news outlets are finding out, this is much ado about nothing. At least the State of Texas has finally realized that it has been very badly behaved and behaved in contempt of its own legal discovery orders. As we have said, the government has been trying to pull all punches in this trial on a number of fronts. The government is claiming that the lawsuit is based on false statements. They are claiming that some of the statements that have been made about the lawsuit are false.

The government has been very defensive about the whole thing, claiming that the plaintiffs are fabricating much of the story in hopes that the government will cave. That may be the case, but the government has been much more so. They have been trying to suppress the evidence, but there is plenty of evidence to make this case go away. Indeed, the government’s efforts to suppress evidence have only gotten them further into trouble.

The government’s discovery violations have really done more damage to the case than they could have ever guessed. This has already cost them significant legal fees, and in the last few days they have started a contempt motion as well. It has not been clear to anyone that the government

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