The End of White Supremacy

The End of White Supremacy

Review: In the wrenching ‘Armageddon Time,’ a filmmaker powerfully confronts his own privilege as he attempts to make a movie about a white supremacist movement in the era of Donald Trump, and what those words really mean as he attempts to convey their story.

In a post-apocalyptic future, all of humanity has been rendered extinct by a worldwide plague that wipes out the human population by a wide margin. In a world where the virus seems to be everywhere, and where its toll cannot be mitigated by human ingenuity, the remaining survivors find themselves on a war-torn island where they face the ultimate horror: the virus has come to the island and turned every living thing it touches, including the humans and animals, into zombies. But the people most responsible for the spread of the virus, a charismatic young white supremacist movement leader named Dylann Roof, has survived the virus and continues to propagate the movement’s agenda over the Internet. All of the remaining survivors know the truth: that the virus is not the apocalypse, but the beginning of the end. The survivors want to come together and fight the virus, but there is a problem: To do so they will need the support of the many people who spread hate and propaganda for the movement. A new world demands a new world leader.

Now, in a world where the virus has wiped out nearly everything and turned every living thing to zombies, in a world where racism is the root of the problem, where white supremacy is the solution, where the virus has spread even to the people Dylann Roof has been trying to save, and in a world where people with privilege are using their position to defend the movement’s agenda, the problem of white supremacy has returned to haunt white supremacy once again, a zombie pandemic-like virus spreading through the internet, infecting and killing the lives of those who are left and who are left to clean up the wreckage left behind. These are desperate days, and now they will reach a critical turning point.

Tara Jacoby’s film

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