The Election Is In The Hands of the Voter

The Election Is In The Hands of the Voter

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A new report from CNN, and the report’s focus on the Florida recount, points to one of the reasons why the election is so critical in Florida: the voters, both in the voting precincts as well as the absentee ballots, are not in control of their destiny at this point. So the stakes are high.

And, again, on this point, I want to put the question out to you: given all of the problems identified by the new report, is it the responsibility of a major political party to change course?

Is that the case?

I think not.

It would require that the electoral system is fundamentally altered, and that’s not what the Republican establishment, and especially the Republican presidential nominee, is going to do. The establishment is going to continue clinging to the old assumptions that if the election is close and the margin of victory is narrow enough, the margin of error is so small that the election can be decided within the margin of error.

That would be the assumption that the polls are wrong and the voters are wrong.

If that assumption were correct, then the margin of victory would be too small and the election would be lost by the margin of error.

The election is, in fact, in the hands of the voter.

And what the voter gets out of it is what the voter wants, and not what they are told. This is why voter turnout in presidential elections is so low.

And it’s why we’ve had two decades of Republican domination and Republican rule in Washington.

It’s why we’ve had two decades of Republican control of the United States Senate, and so on.

And, again, this year, it’s about voter turnout.

The Republicans are afraid the polls are wrong and the voters are wrong.

The reality is the polls are right, and they are wrong, and the voters can have it both ways: vote for a Democrat, or vote

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