The Death of Tupelo

The Death of Tupelo

From Nashville to Tupelo on the Natchez Trace Parkway


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On the morning after the party, I made a call. I wanted to be sure he was OK and the party was over. There was no answer when I called. It was after 7:00 a.m. in North Mississippi. I texted him all day. I tried to send him one more text message after midnight to let him know that I was doing fine. When I woke up the next morning he still wasn’t there. He had taken off. That’s when I knew something was wrong. He wouldn’t come back.

How he had gotten in touch with me is still a mystery to me. He sent me a text about three days later letting me know how he was doing. He didn’t tell me if he was in prison or what crime he had been convicted of. I knew he was in jail, so I figured he was probably serving time for something he didn’t commit. I didn’t press the issue. He never called either. He didn’t try to find me. He didn’t tell me he was leaving. He just disappeared like a ghost.

In his absence the family got on social media and started an email chain to announce his death.

His father, the sheriff of Harrison County, Mississippi, posted a photo of him on Facebook with the caption, “A life was taken today, a life taken in Mississippi.”

I heard he had been in the news. I had never heard of him, but then again, I had never heard of Tupelo. His father’s post caught my eye. I was curious. I went to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

There was a page for Tupelo in the directory. I clicked on it. It was an empty page until I reached a page for Tupelo, Mississippi. I clicked on the page for Tupelo. It was empty again. The page wasn’t active, but there was a link to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Facebook page. I clicked on the link.

I reached the page where I had posted a picture of me and the deceased�

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