Southwest Airlines is offering 11 flights a day for the Thanksgiving holiday

Southwest Airlines is offering 11 flights a day for the Thanksgiving holiday

LAX bracing for 11 busy days around Thanksgiving holiday

For the next 11 days, a dozen big airlines will be using the airport at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

If you’re flying, you have the next 11 days to save money

All 11 planes will be using the same airport, and all of them will be booked by Southwest Airlines. That means the airlines will have a full complement of planes available for the Thanksgiving holiday season.

What does that mean in terms of air travel as far as price points, baggage allowances, and everything?

If you don’t have to travel this Thanksgiving, you’ll get a break. Southwest Airlines is letting people check only one bag on most flights, so there’s not much you’re missing on the price front. If you fly Southwest, be sure to check the details here.

And if you still need to fly, you’ll need to figure out a way to get from one airport to the next. Southwest says it will operate four flights a day from two terminals in downtown Seattle by October 1 to provide passengers with an immediate connection.

Airlines typically operate with a handful of flights on Thanksgiving Day. But they do it for different reasons. Southwest is offering its flights for the Thanksgiving holiday because the schedule fits with its plans for the year, as well as because it’s flying its brand-new Boeing 777-300 ER to the Seattle-Tacoma airport to join its fleet.

“For our customers, our goal is to always provide a great alternative to flying on Thanksgiving Day with the widest Thanksgiving Day inventory of flights,” said Randy to USA TODAY’s Jeff Gannon, who spoke to Southwest’s Vice President of Airport Operations Scott Davis.

And there’s a lot more to Thanksgiving than finding a good flight.

First, it’s a good idea to download the free Seattle-Tacoma airport app before Friday for a daily breakdown of flights.

Second, if you use the airport’s online check

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