Smoking banned in public parks, eateries and more in New Zealand

Written by Staff Writer

New Zealand, the land of the kiwi, is set to become the second country in the world to put a complete ban on smoking in public.

The government is proposing that a quarter of all outdoor smoking zones will be covered by a minimum ten meter non-smoking zone.

“These proposals send a strong message about the importance of stopping the early and highly preventable deaths caused by smoking and we encourage all New Zealanders to support the change,” Attorney General David Parker said in a release.

Smoking was previously banned in certain outdoor areas in New Zealand, but it remained legal to smoke in parks, restaurants and pubs.

However, while surveys showed widespread support for the new proposal, the ban still faces a period of public consultation, which ends on March 4, before it’s submitted to parliament for review in early 2019.

New Zealand has had a relatively successful battle against smoking, with the UK Health Organisation (WHO) estimating in 2016 that three-quarters of New Zealanders are either tobacco free or smoke free.

The most recent government figures, for 2015, showed that 57% of New Zealanders reported that they did not smoke, while 19% of smokers said they used passive smoking.

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