Serena Williams: “It’s really inspiring to be around him. It’s really…

Serena Williams: “It’s really inspiring to be around him. It’s really...

Serena Williams hails Tiger Woods’ influence as she continues her US Open run

Serena Williams said it was “inspiring” to be in such a great company, adding it “puts a new meaning” to the word “hero.”

The 14-time Grand Slam champion spoke of how it was “tremendously motivating” to hear Woods’ comments in which he said: “Serena is so much better than me. And I mean it. If Serena wants to play in the finals, she’s the player to beat.”

Speaking to reporters on the eve of her third round win, she said: “He means something to me. I mean, I love him. He’s inspirational. He really does make you feel good. He brings out the best in the most people. I’m really appreciative of that.”

She continued: “You put a new meaning on the word hero. It makes you feel like you’re a whole lot better than you were yesterday.

“I really feel that way about him. I think he puts a new meaning on ‘hero’. And it’s that kind of motivation which I think is really, really, good.”

“It’s really kind of inspiring to be around him. I think that puts a new meaning to the word hero. It’s not just the player, it’s the role model, it’s the person that people want to look up to. And I think it’s great to be around him.”

On her own relationship with her family, she told reporters: “It’s always been hard because all of my family, all of my grandparents and my great-grandparents are all dead. I’m the only one still alive. My mother and father are great but the relationship that I had with them is no longer the same and that’s been really hard.”

Williams, who has now won three of her four singles titles this year

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