Saudi Arabia vs Argentina: The Story of the World Cup

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina: The Story of the World Cup

How Saudi Arabia Pulled Off a Huge Upset, Humbling Argentina, 2-1.

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1, with the match finishing in a scoreless stalemate, in an epic encounter. What went right, what went wrong, and what the outcome means for the world.

Saudi Arabia pulled off an incredible upset, putting their newly appointed coach, Sheikh Salman al-Rehaif, in charge, by winning Argentina by 2-1 in an epic clash.

Argentina, under coach Jorge Sampaoli, had only been playing in the Copa America for a few years, but in their first match against Ecuador the team put up a strong performance, with a 3-1 win, and left the tournament unbeaten so in the end, the team were the ones to pull off the upset.

Argentina had a good chance of claiming the tournament, but a big upset occurred after they had their last chance. Argentina were chasing down Saudi Arabia, who were holding them in a 4-4-2, and suddenly with a counter attack, Saudi Arabia were able to hit back, and they just simply swept them away by scoring three goals.

This was in fact only the second time ever an unheralded team had won the ‘Copa America’ in the history of the tournament, as the previous instance was by Argentina against Paraguay in 1940.

A win is a win, but Saudi Arabia also won the trophy this time around, and they did so with the help of a great goal scorer, and the player’s player of the match Lionel Messi, who had 22 goals in the tournament, and added 4 assists.

A big reason why Saudi Arabia pulled off an unplanned upset, is that they had an extra attacker in the final minutes of the game.

They had scored three before Messi went on a counter-attack in the last minute of the game, and this gave Saudi Arabia more than enough time to set up their star player to score, as they had been on the defensive.

They were also able to set up a great goal-line clearance for Messi to shoot from a close range, which was the turning point in the match, and put the result beyond doubt.

However, it was not all good news for Argentina, as the Saudi team were on a great run, winning the Copa Libertadores and finishing as the runners

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