Rabiot says he does not condone racism and will speak out for the first time

Rabiot says he does not condone racism and will speak out for the first time

Patrice Evra speaks out on racist abuse and how to combat it

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Rabiot’s campaign against alleged racism in the Tottenham squad was at its most vicious during the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool earlier this month, when the French attacker was allegedly abused by his own teammates and by the coach Andre Villas-Boas.

Rabiot, a native of Paris and brother to the attacking midfielder, has been widely accused of being a racist himself and of having ‘sold’ his soul to the footballers.

Rabiot says that he does not condone racism and, following a series of reports about abuse that he and Tottenham have suffered, has spoken out for the first time about the discrimination he has faced and how he feels it will be addressed by his supporters.

He told The Chronicle: “The way fans are treated [in Tottenham] is not the behaviour I would want from my team-mates or my coaches.

“I do not condone their behaviour, but you can’t blame them for their actions. I am a passionate man and I would like to do everything to defend my team-mates and my club. I just hope Tottenham and their fans can live in peace.”

Rabiot’s comments will be keenly watched by supporters of other Premier League clubs, who are likely to be particularly interested in a few of his key accusations.

“I have always been treated well by all my managers and teammates at Tottenham,” Rabiot added.

“What matters is the attitude of the fans towards players at their clubs. Those fans have their own rights and it does not make sense to target players and leave them alone.”

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Tottenham’s players will be in talks with the club’s manager Andre Villas-Boas as they seek to repair the damage to their form that has been triggered by the 3-0 defeat by Liverpool. It came only after a 4-2 victory for Southampton, who won a game in hand, and Tottenham slipped

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