Positiv CEO Jillian Cobb on the Modern Way of Training for Workouts

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Gales of laughter filled the buzzer of the workout room at the Girls’ Latin Club here in Paris, where rousing aerobics and aerobics aerobics were underway.

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“Anytime I see a story like this, I just love it,” said Jillian Cobb, CEO and Founder of Positiv Academy.

After all, Cobb’s been working to turn around what she calls a broken and outdated fitness industry for more than 16 years.

Positiv Academy teaches an approach that emphasizes a focus on movement and endurance. The workouts incorporate high intensity interval training, (i.e. sprinting for 10 seconds, and resting for the next minute and then repeat), but only for about 40 seconds.

Positiv Academy’s curriculum includes the use of auto-complete and interactive apps like the Positiv Apps Stair Clock and Stair Climber Challenge. Cobb says these new ways of motivating and engaging those who want to exercise has proven to help motivate hundreds to get out and work out.

“A penny for your squats. It doesn’t get much more empowering and powerful than that,” Cobb said.

Cobb is also credited with changing the ways we view push-ups, or the Burpee, as many of you already know them.

Positiv Academy offers a new — the Advanced Positiv Burpee. The difficulty is set to begin at 500 pounds and 1,000 pounds. You’re encouraged to do these moves until you can’t do it anymore.

And Cobb believes that’s something that’s motivating, yet fair.

“Our rules aren’t based on fitness level; they’re based on human physiology,” she said.

FOX’s Deirdre Imus spoke with Jillian Cobb on “FOX & Friends Weekend”.

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