Pete Guerrero’s son, Hillary, is a Trump candidate

Pete Guerrero’s son, Hillary, is a Trump candidate

Guerrero: The rise of the MAGA Latino isn’t real, but it could be in 2024 — Steve Skojec (@SteveSkojec) March 18, 2020

And he thinks a Trump election victory could be the catalyst to the movement’s rise. In particular, the Republican governor of New Mexico is reportedly considering a bid for the White House for 2024, along the lines of his son, GOP presidential hopeful Pete, and Pete’s wife, former congresswoman Heather Wilson, a congresswoman from Texas. And in a video about Trump, Pete says the GOP’s immigration plan is “a nightmare”:

Pete Guerrero, the gubernatorial candidate who’s become an unlikely role model to his son’s in the GOP, made his stance clear on his campaign’s Facebook page last week, writing: “It’s time to take America back.”

“The biggest threats are not terrorism, global warming, or even the economy. The biggest threats are globalism and our lack of patriotism. They are a nightmare,” he added. “I would love to do this job. But we need to make America great again. That is what this campaign is all about.”

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