Oregon cows ‘killed’ in ‘sickening prank’ with no front wheels

A “sickeningly cruel” secret local prank involving eight cows and eight litters of litters of cattle has been discovered in Oregon.

Grace Community Church surveillance cameras recorded the images of a small black pickup truck driving by the church, nearly approaching the edge of the property then coming back and running over the heads of the cows – with a completely bare back tyres.

It is believed the cow owners were in on the prank and were “furious” at being targeted.

“The prank left blood on every single one of the cows,” claimed Shawn Bickford, a community pastor.

Now, Washington County Sheriff’s Office is urging anyone with information about the prank to contact them at: (503) 566-6800.

“We’re asking any citizens who have information about this or may have seen this, to call our detective bureau to provide that information,” said Paul Fazekas.

“This is a sickeningly cruel incident, and we want to find out who is responsible.”

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