Olympic athlete Rosa DiManno


DiManno holds a diploma in the Orthopaedic and Spine of Functional Electrical Optics (OEEOC), a specialist field specialising in life-long rehabilitation of vertebrae and joints following spinal cord injury and spinal cord burn injuries, injuries sustained in fatal crashes such as motor vehicles and railroad track accidents.

She is also able to modify and streamline equipment within complex settings and has her own design company that excels in creating innovative treatment and rehabilitation methods. She can ensure a client’s diverse needs are properly addressed and treatment begins seamlessly. In this wide-ranging field, she has the skills and independence to be a team player and a problem solver.

DiManno has been appointed as one of Great Britain’s 2018 Paralympic Speed Walking Team and a new member of the British Cycling Athlete Fitness Pathway.

She is part of both the IPC Track and Field Athlete Rep Program and the IPC Track and Field Coach Program. DiManno has just finished the 1st Live Course Seminar for the IPC and is scheduled to be part of the Track and Field Team that competes at the 50km Ultra Marathon Race in September.

DiManno is an IPC European Bronze Medalist in the 8km walk and one of the World Cup Gold medal winning distance walkers in 2011. She came third in the 2km category at the SLD Meet in Amsterdam on 21 July 2016, which was one of the events that determined the final World Cup rankings. As part of her training, DiManno currently competes at the ARC Track and Wheelchair Race series every year and has recently won her third consecutive long-distance title in the 52 kilometre World Cup. DiManno has completed some of the most difficult distances on the IPC World List in 2018, winning, Time Trial World Cup (Moscow), 10km Trail World Cup (Jakarta), Inter-Conference International – SG – 10km Cross Country 7 Day (Al Ain), Pinkathon IPC World Cup (Malaga) and many other events.

In 2017, she achieved the 12th place mark in the World D1 Federation Long Course Championships at her home athletics arena in Manchester, after racing over 3,180 metres (9.9kms) in a time of 1:29:55.

The recent announcement that O2 is to host a two-year contract, starting in 2019, with the Paralympic Foundation and IPC to run a ‘Fast and the Furious 5’-themed race is another major development that we are extremely proud of and in partnership with fast-food chain Fanta.

DiManno was recently on the Golden Circuit for the World Wheelchair Dance Festival held at the St Peter’s School in Guyana, and competed in the World Wheelchair Dance Championship – Queenstown 2017 held in Queenstown, New Zealand. She has also been on the short circuit circuit in the Oceania Wheelchair Dance Championships – Suva 2006, Suva 2010, Suva 2014, Suva 2015, Suva 2016, Suva 2017 and Suva 2018.

The 2018 Paralympic Breakthrough Series was quite a good proving ground and DiManno is very proud to be part of it. She enjoyed competing in front of so many people and is planning to go back again next year in November.

On the year, she competed in both the 10km Walk and 5km Walk, taking home a bronze and silver medal respectively.

You can follow DiManno on her social media pages, @rosiedimanno, on Twitter @rosiedimanno and you can find her website at rdimannoproductions.co.uk.

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