Mt Olive, Illinois: Death toll as Amazon warehouse and railway building destroy

A woman in her 80s died when a tornado hit a distribution warehouse for online retailer Amazon and a woman in her 90s died when a fire broke out on a train that was nearby, officials said.

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Larry Hodges, assistant chief of the Champaign Fire Department, said Saturday that the third-floor fire erupted on a Chicago-bound freight train on Friday in Granite City, Illinois. He said the fire spread quickly and destroyed a three-story apartment building above the warehouse.

He said crews on the ground and the air were able to contain the fire. The only injuries were to three firefighters who suffered minor smoke inhalation and minor cuts.

Amazon said in a statement that no injuries were reported on the property, which houses the company’s Bridgestone World Wide expansion. A statement from the company said that the building sustained heavy structural damage. It was unclear when the facility would reopen.

A spokeswoman, Julie Law, said preliminary indications are that Friday’s tornado damage occurred on the lower level, and there were multiple reports of damaged roofs and interior walls.

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