Metro Arts Network closes with our annual show

The above exhibit is part of the Metro Arts Network series that ran throughout last year and is winding down with the submission of our final full-color Metro Arts of 2018, “The Duel. They’re Bitter. The Ashes Are Too Much.”

Also featured were interviews with Metro Arts artists and participants, including Francisco Dominguez, Patrice Lane, Gloria Huch and John Lee.

We ask a lot of artists.

What are you giving us? What’s your gift? How about within you?

What makes your creation beautiful? Who is being served?

Here are some reflections from the Metro Arts Network on closing with our beautiful annual show, Metro Pictures, which ran from Feb. 16 to June 9.

“This is such a personal story for me. When I was little, the first time I ever saw a portraiture series I’m thinking about it now because you do something that you know is different. You do something that you have never done. It’s a subliminal lesson. And it’s a great feeling.” — James Smith, founder of Metro Arts Network, speaking about an exhibit of 11 works — more than any other artist — that he’s worked on.

“Frequently, at home for what we call the ‘gingerbread crash,’ my partner and I are huddled around the laptop looking at images and learning how to better understand them. I never realized at first that a presentation and quality of content is a far more valuable and influential part of the artist equation. That’s what I’ve really been learning from having people like the Metro Arts Network at my disposal.” — Ruth Goodrich, who has exhibited six series of photographs to meet Metro Arts’ creative standards, as well as its knowledge and attention to detail.

“I’m very proud of the fact that Metro Arts of Washington has only about 10 pieces in here. This year, I think that really makes it stand out and you see the work of the artist and particularly the quality of the student work really shine through.” — Lindsay Vonn, a Metro Arts member who put together a series of 16 black-and-white, raw images from her photography courses at the Community College of Baltimore County as part of this year’s show.

Metro Arts has been one of the metro’s premier venues for over 20 years. It evolved from an event focused on showcasing local talent into a national online resource where artists submit work in projects of up to 12 by 12 inches, 25 by 26 inches, and several other different sizes. Metro Artists curate the show each year, and Alex Megson, executive director, curates, along with DC Arts News Director Shreya Singha.

Metro Arts Network and CivicArtists, Inc. are proud of the comprehensive curatorial and exhibition strategy that we’ve initiated over the past 20 years in order to better support regional artists.

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