Massachusetts returns car to grandmother six years after mistakenly seizing it

Car was taken from Patricia Densmore in 2008 for running red light, but it was returned to her in Pine Plains, Massachusetts on Friday

Massachusetts returns car to grandmother six years after mistakenly seizing it

The family of a 85-year-old grandmother who was once mistakenly driven from her home six years ago by police who had stolen her car were reunited on Friday with their car, which had been recovered after being located in Maryland.

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Patricia Densmore, of Pine Plains, Massachusetts, had her vehicle taken from her by Boston police in 2012 because she was cited for running a red light at a busy intersection. Her granddaughter, Lori Sullivan, had hoped she would not be able to get her vehicle back until after she died.

“She can rest easy now,” Sullivan told WXING.

She told WZMB-TV: “I’m glad that I could help my grandma. … I thought that her days were numbered, and it just shows there’s good people out there.”

Densmore told the station she is thrilled to have her vehicle back.

The story unfolded in February 2016, when a detective in Putnam, New York, was involved in a car accident. Sullivan said she was with her grandmother and the car was almost totaled when it broke down.

Instead of calling emergency services, though, police in Boston took it. The officer who took the car left town before the car was returned to the family.

“The car’s finally home. The tail lights, the bumper, it’s back,” Sullivan said.

Police gave up on the car, and last fall, it was found in Maryland. The vehicle identification number did not match any records in the state’s database.

“You always tell yourself, ‘It’s never going to happen’, but you’re wrong,” Sullivan said.

In a statement, the Police Department in Boston said it was “embarrassed” that it was responsible for the wrong-car-but-right-owner mix-up.

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