Jeezy’s SXSW speech to Takeoff

Jeezy’s SXSW speech to Takeoff

At Takeoff’s Atlanta memorial, Offset says his cousin ‘changed the culture of music’

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With an all-star lineup, you could be forgiven for thinking South By Southwest had the most unique festival of them all.

But for Atlanta legend Jeezy and his Atlanta crew, SXSW could also be described as one of the most intimate occasions on the planet. Just this past weekend, the rapper delivered his eulogy to the loss of his close friend, Takeoff, better known as Mr. Cheek. His funeral was to have had a Q&A following his untimely passing.

During his speech the rapper took time to honor Takeoff, who he said was his friend and mentor.

“I ain’t got nobody but this city to call my kin n—as,” Jeezy said of his former label mate. “To my fam, I know you understand that I couldn’t have made this happen without the strength of my home, the strength of my fam. And to my city, thank you for welcoming me and for showing me love, and all that n—as in this life, n—as, they love you.”

As with much of his work on record Jeezy continued to use his music as a vehicle to communicate his message for those who may not know him or his music.

In his speech Jeezy also said he had a lot he wanted to say to takeoff and that he wanted to see his crew be remembered for what they have done in the hood.

“I would really love to see my family be remembered as they deserve to be remembered, as they should be remembered as the Atlanta family that they should be remembered as,” he said. “They were who we all came from, and their culture was who we all come from. We should not be forgotten like this.”

Takeoff’s message for Jeezy was to be himself, that was his culture.

“He’s telling that to his crew because he loved that they represent who he loved. He loved that they represented who he loved

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