Indictment issued in shooting of 17-year-old slain in downtown Toronto

For the second time since the shooting of a 17-year-old black youth on a downtown Toronto street last week, a man has been charged with second-degree murder. Police allege that Dwayne Davidson, a 19-year-old who was also charged with attempted murder, fired shots at a van that officers used to smash into a car as they tried to apprehend a suspect. While the teen died at the scene, another man, 20-year-old Taheer Elaan, was wounded. Mr. Davidson has been charged in an investigation into the case by the Special Investigations Unit, which probes cases in which police are involved in the death of a person, unless they were killed in the line of duty.

Brian Galbraith, the director of the SIU, said in a statement that he “has seen no reasonable grounds to support an allegation of criminal negligence by members of the Toronto Police Service that resulted in either death or serious injury to the deceased or serious bodily harm to a second person.”

The SIU investigation in that incident, which happened on April 6, is ongoing, and a lawyer for Ms. Elaan, David Mount, said the investigation is unfair in light of the fact that the officers had just killed a young man and were not properly trained to deal with the dangers.

The death of teenager, Alex Zaldivar, last week in the same area of downtown Toronto has led to protests, including a rally organized by the community organization, Hands Off Our Youth. They said there would not rest until officers who shot Mr. Zaldivar are held accountable.

The statement from the SIU did not detail what prompted the initial shooting, which took place in a parking lot. However, in a previous video posted on social media that appears to show the aftermath of the shooting, Mr. Zaldivar was seen running away from police with his hands raised in the air. After he was shot, he was lying on the ground.

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