Iggy Azalea defended her comment on the Raiders’ relationship with Jon Gruden

Iggy Azalea defended her comment on the Raiders’ relationship with Jon Gruden

Iggy Azalea isn’t really mad at Raiders reporter who dissed her: ‘Please relax’

New York, United States – (SBWIRE) — 12/16/2014 – Iggy Azalea appeared on her Twitter page to make a comment about a report she made on Raiders running back David Johnson’s relationship with the team’s new head coach, Jon Gruden. While doing this, Azalea mentioned her mother, who was born in Mexico just a little over two years ago, and the fact that her late mother, Diamarra Azalea, passed away in December.

The comment didn’t go unnoticed and she soon found that it had been made public. This led to all sorts of negativity from fans, such as fans attacking her personal life and making assumptions about what she was really thinking. However, Azalea defended her comment stating that while that comment may have seemed a little out of line and a bit off, she didn’t mean to.

“I apologize for the comment. I meant no disrespect to anyone and I’ll explain everything soon,” wrote the rapper and singer on her Twitter page.

As she explained, she doesn’t have any personal interactions with the woman and that the person who made the negative judgments was the reporter who made the comment in the first place. The reporter, however, apologized for the comments that were made against Azalea.

“I apologize to her for making an insensitive and possibly misleading comment. It was completely out of line. It’s not my intent to make any statements that may appear to be false. Please have patience with my rambling. I’d like to clear the air and apologize,” wrote the reporter, who shall be referred to as the Raider.

“I respect Iggy Azalea and I think she’s a talented, successful lady. I know her well enough to appreciate that she has strong opinions and will always put her goals first. And it doesn’t make sense to me that Iggy would be upset and feel attacked because there are many people that enjoy the Raiders and have a great relationship with J Gruden and are loyal fans,” the reporter continued.

“I know the Raider is a woman with strong opinions and I’m sorry she was offended. The comment may have been misinterpreted, and I

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