How dangerous a hurricane season can be

Hurricane season for the U.S. officially begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30. The Atlantic is currently barreling into its season with a March 21 named storm. This year was expected to be a relatively quiet season until mid-April, when a west-northwest anomaly developed about 70 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic, strengthening to tropical depression 6. The system headed toward the Caribbean and was eventually classified as hurricane Alberto after forming June 27.

Environmental conditions are expected to be favorable for hurricane formation into August, particularly in the western Atlantic, though overall the odds of any major hurricanes forming above Category 3. The Atlantic hurricane season started very strong in 1980, though averages would have run slightly below that season’s Atlantic Hurricane Season average since 1998. 2016 was a record year for the Atlantic hurricane season.

No major storms formed from Sept. 16 through Nov. 13 last year. The US experienced 18 days with named storms, three times the 5-year average, according to AccuWeather. Weather patterns have become more organized during this year’s storm season, which could allow for more hurricanes to strengthen. Still, experts expect to see an average season as a whole, one above or below the average of 15 tropical storms and seven hurricanes, two major. The Atlantic hurricane season goes on around the equator, extending along the Atlantic Coast through North America.

Source: The Atlantic hurricane season started with a June 21 named storm and has had an above-average number of hurricanes, including one of the strongest storms in history: Irma, which caused “devastating” damage across the Florida Keys and through a half-million homes in the state, killing 20 people in total, including six storm-surge victims in Miami Beach. Hurricane Harvey formed Aug. 25 and threatened to become one of the worst storms in U.S. history, causing a devastating flooding in Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city.

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