Here’s what Washingtonians will be doing in 2021

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what happens next year: You’ll be very excited to be here — and very, very excited to make some changes. Here’s what we predict will be most popular around Washington at the end of 2020. Our advice: focus on things that are proven to be beneficial for your health, whether it’s quitting smoking or changing your diet. Here are our top picks for healthy habits in 2021.

Stop smoking

Don’t regret smoking any longer. You’re healthier when you don’t, and 2018 will give you some encouragement to do so.

Take the stairs

Picking up the stairs will be a lot easier, with better overall health benefits, if you have to go to work. We love workplace walking groups. If you have a gym membership, make it your go-to. If not, try this 20-minute studio class that promotes fun and supports movement. Use the excuse of becoming fit for two or three months instead of trying to commit to months and then quitting.

Upgrade your kids’ foods

Our new favorite craze is to invest in bulk powdered foods like protein shakes, drinks and smoothies. Buy large containers of food that you know kids will enjoy, because the build up of proteins after eating could keep a child on track to a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. And if you live in a crowded apartment or condo, place a food container on your main table. That way, it’s not hard to take small portions of your kids’ favorite foods for lunch.

Leave your phone charger behind

Everything is better off as is. Switch up the chargers in your home to clean lines of color instead of all-black and white chargers. Our power strips also look a little nice and different from the family one, so you’ll be more likely to replace them with one made just for you.

Get a pet

Some pets give you unconditional love, but millions suffer the emotional trauma of giving up an animal due to death, illness or economic hardship. 2016 was the last year anyone was legally permitted to adopt an animal in California, but this could change for 2021. We hope the decision can be made quickly, because pets provide a tremendous value in our homes.

Vape at work

According to Bloomberg, the decline in smoking rates has been due to the introduction of vaping devices. Industry expert and 2015 CNBC Innovator Of The Year Philip K. Lee predicts the growth of the American e-cigarette market to be 48 percent in 2019. Whether or not you have experience with vaping, you can use this guide to introduce yourself to it.

Learn to love meditation

The American Heart Association and National Institutes of Health report that it can be effective in reducing stress, boosting cognitive functions and easing symptoms associated with depression. Focus on taking one to two 30-minute meditation classes during the week.

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