Google making $1B investment in Africa to encourage female entrepreneurs

Singer Bruno Mars hugs Bridgette Limongelli, who will represent Africa for this year’s Google challenge, in Nairobi, Kenya Monday. (AP Photo/Sayyid Azim)

The tech giant has pledged to invest over $1 billion in the African region

Google is building a new community in Africa that will help female entrepreneurs learn how to start and run businesses.

Google announced the ‘Made in Africa’ innovation initiative this week and is partnering with the UN Foundation and Tech Basket to offer training and support programs for entrepreneurs to help them scale and grow.

“For every $1 invested, Google is committing to invest $5 in the African digital ecosystem,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The digital infrastructure in Africa is still quite limited. According to Google, about one-third of Africans are connected to the internet and three-quarters do not have a home internet connection. That leaves a lot of people without access to online information and communications.

According to Google, the program will help women entrepreneurs to start and run their business through courses and support programs, including coaching and mentoring.

“Every woman who takes part in the Google for Entrepreneurs program will walk away with tools that will give them a leg up in becoming entrepreneurs, and develop the skills to take their businesses to the next level,” said Stephanie Mahon, the Google for Entrepreneurs chief economic officer.

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