Ghislaine Maxwell: Court artist shares sketch

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ghislaine Maxwell’s sketch went viral after the former Tory MP who accused her of sexual assault

A court artist has shared a sketch she drew of Tory MP Ghislaine Maxwell in a case involving rape allegations.

The 37-year-old M&S founder is suing Mrs Maxwell over a picture she shared on Facebook after her alleged assault.

The artist, Maggie O’Kane, from York, said she was “honoured and proud” to have drawn her client at Hull Crown Court.

Mrs Maxwell, 67, alleges the sketch posted on Facebook, which showed her in a pose with a smiling Maxwell, was untrue.

She also sued the former MP for allegations of harassment, abusive behaviour and false imprisonment after she appeared to accuse her of rape in a Facebook post last August.

O’Kane was on call the day the trial began.

‘Personal service’

After Mrs Maxwell’s lawyers lodged an application to change the judge in the case, a request to exclude the artist from the courtroom was subsequently raised and later dismissed.

Mrs Maxwell said she had “no doubt” O’Kane’s sketch was accurate.

O’Kane said: “For the months she has worked on the evidence of this trial and endured relentless media pressure for me to provide an accurate sketch she has done so sincerely with great dignity.

“I can only be proud to have drawn my client, a woman at great pain, in this manner.”

Mrs Maxwell told the court she will receive recompense for the expenses incurred over the past 10 months as a result of the claims.

Maxwell is suing Mrs Maxwell for defamation and harassment and she is also seeking unspecified damages.

Mrs Maxwell’s claim of rape claims were made in a post on Facebook about “the situation at Hull Royal Infirmary”

She said: “It’s totally untrue, as everyone who sees the social media article knows. I said no.”

She told the court that Maxwell had “sought help in blaming me and found it supportive on Facebook”.

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