Full Consent: Email tools, complete datasets, and more tools for tracking sexual misconduct in schools

Are there cases of sexual misconduct at your child’s school? Like every school in the province, there are cases of sexual misconduct involving school staff. Parents can track how many cases there are in the province, where they have occurred, and the outcomes of the case.



Downloads. Useful for:

• monitoring findings, and

• creating detailed profiles of schools.

• monitoring trends.

• reporting school incidents that don’t meet our criteria

Use of the complete dataset. Useful for:

• more in-depth local, provincial and national data than previously available.

• more informed, timely discussion about school incidents.

• more civil and respectful school discussions.



For further assistance, please contact the Office of the Attending Professor at Colby College, 1 Bloede Court, Lewiston, Maine 04349, 044-225-2528, 4th Floor. Or email [email protected]


Name of the product – : COVID. No two of the cases in the Education Unit are the same. When available, one case will be shared per name. The system uses a URL to check for cases of sexual misconduct. Information is shared with the Ontario Ministry of Education by the organization that runs the case registry. This tool is available to organizations, parents, teachers, students, educators, police, emergency personnel, community service groups, lawyers, policy makers, corporations, and the general public.


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