Florida woman died of multiple stab wounds after reporting husband missing

A Florida woman who recently reported her husband missing when he abruptly left town with another woman was killed after they returned from a visit to visit their children. Her husband has been charged with first-degree murder.

Michelle Powell, 38, was found “covered in blood” with 20 stab wounds in the family’s house in Jacksonville, Fla., on Wednesday. Police said Michael Powell, a handyman, called 911 when he found his estranged wife inside the house. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the Daily Mail, police found a traffic ticket on Powell’s phone that said he had been with “Jane Doe” in Orange County, Fla., on Feb. 22. In the report, it describes a vehicle with the name “Alysia” with a male passenger, indicating it may have been Powell. The report did not specify whether Powell was the intended passenger or whether Jane Doe was someone he met online.

The Daily Mail also reported that police were looking for Powell’s vehicle in Jacksonville on Friday.

Michelle Powell’s father, Jeffrey Powell, reportedly told the Daily Mail that his daughter had told him in January she and her husband were having marital problems. According to the report, he believed his daughter was looking for a divorce when she went to visit their children in January and he stopped by on Sunday to check on her. She did not come out and was not answering her phone, he said.

Police said they were unable to confirm that report.

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