Elizabeth Holmes recalls the day she said her company was not broken

Back in 2015, the year after Theranos was plunged into the red, Elizabeth Holmes delivered a rousing mea culpa to investors. “I want to be clear,” she began. “The company is broken. It’s not a Theranos story. We are not that company.”

Nearly two years later, and Theranos is still broken. But now, instead of being contrite, Ms. Holmes is back at the Theranos podium, taking questions about the world of science, often while wearing pink glasses. The female CEO will be making her first public appearance since she began serving a 3 1/2-year prison sentence for fraud in October 2018. She arrived in San Francisco on March 7, escorted by members of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, even though she had the option of flying home without the minimum required escort. And she got her first chance to present her company’s science to the public at the 2018 conference organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science on March 8.

“Everyone thinks they can change the world,” Holmes said in 2016. “I still believe that,” she added in her now-infamous speech to an industry association. “The power that comes with that belief is overstretched. People dream big. They shouldn’t be.”

Those are the same words that are written on her cover of THR: Affamous. And the bombshell statements Ms. Holmes will be making on Tuesday are also on the publication’s April issue: “I am committed to creating the life science unicorn of tomorrow and leading Theranos to be one of the most valuable consumer-focused technology companies in the world.”

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