eAthronoid SMARTER ECIGS: More chance of an ex of Cheech

Earlier this month, cannabis cigarette emblazoned with the logos of “Omicron” (Omicshel) and “Wet” (Wetselect) hit the U.K. market.

Because, come on, how could it be a pain?

The Omicron’s ambitions are no secret, with company founder and Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov calling it “the first model of our industry.” In fact, Pajitnov described Omicron to The Moscow Times as “a modeling and design company in the cannabis market that works on experimentation with mind-altering materials and new technologies.” That may be a bit tough to swallow for those of us who forgo the occasional stoner porter out for undergolf. But it doesn’t appear the company is trying to force anybody out of business. In an email sent to The Motley Fool, Omicron explained that it will “carry out a trial with the two companies in Oct. 2018. The aim of the project is to improve the controlled delivery of cannabinoids and to reduce the pungency of smoking.”

As for the Wet’select, the company was founded to produce consumer products in accordance with Pajitnov’s vision. It describes its line of products, both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, as “a blend of natural ingredients chosen for their ability to get your heart rate up.”

I can already feel the cynical eye rolling here. However, when I spoke to Pajitnov for an article last year, he was rather cagey about Omicron’s “first model.” He said that Omicron could either be the end of “just-cigarette” products like Smirnoff Ice, or the start of an entirely new industry. Maybe it is a model of our industry in future years.

Pajitnov told me that he didn’t foresee it causing any major problems for the company’s competitors, and any blowback would simply help Omicron build up a larger following and product portfolio.

Is the Omicron the end of just-cigarettes or just a “just-butts”? Do they strike a better balance of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than standard e-cigarettes? Do they come in just two flavors – straight tobacco or blueberry pie? There are no guarantees, but I am here to tell you if you are into vaping or puffing on your e-cigarette – or both – you should seriously consider the Omicron. I think. Check them out.

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