Dylan’s autographed book is fake, not authentic

Dylan's autographed book is fake, not authentic

Handle with care: Publisher apologizes for fake autograph in Bob Dylan’s $600 book, says Dylan ‘likes his autographs’

In the back of the book, written by author Stephen Brunt, is a handwritten inscription by Dylan, at the lower left-hand corner, which reads, “To my favorite fan,” accompanied by this line, “I like my autographs.”

A publishing error has forced Dylan to issue an apology.


In a statement published Friday, Dylan wrote that “there has been an error in the book (Bob Dylan’s Autograph Book) on page number two.” Dylan said he had wanted to include a signed photo of himself in the book, but when publishing staff found out who it was signed to, they made the decision not to include it.

“I am very surprised by that decision,” Dylan said. “I want to tell you that while I like my autographs I like my autographs. Please do not try and take mine from me again. I like my autographs. It’s just a book. I don’t want to get in the way of that.”

An excerpt from Dylan’s book appeared on the front page of USA Today on Thursday, with Dylan’s autograph surrounded by dollar signs. Dylan said the dollar signs “are not part of the book.”

In his statement, Dylan said that the decision not to include the autograph was not his decision, but was the responsibility of a publishing employee. Dylan said he reached out to the employee. “We have now reached this amicable agreement,” Dylan said, adding that he had not been involved in the publication of the book.

“The autograph is part of this book and should have been included as part of the book.”

Dylan said people who have read the book will see that the “dollar signs are fake.” He said he was “grateful” for the mistake, and that he will “put all my energy into the book.”

“I am excited to share new versions of my greatest songs and more original songs in the near future,” he wrote. “I love my autographs, and I love my fans and I love sharing my music with them.”

A representative for Dylan Communications Inc. said Dylan’s statement does not change any of the facts of the situation — the dollar signs in the book are fake, not authentic — but they had hoped Dylan would issue an apology.


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