Deadpool Could Be The Most Successful Marvel Movie Ever

Deadpool Could Be The Most Successful Marvel Movie Ever

First Wolverine, now a ‘Deadpool’ Christmas movie? Ryan Reynolds strikes again

In the wake of Ryan Reynolds’ appearance on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, he was asked about his Wolverine movies and whether or not they might get the same treatment as the movie that brought him his first Academy Award nomination for best actor.

Reynolds said (and I’m paraphrasing): “I think it probably is.”

As we now know, Deadpool will be released on Christmas Day, with the film already taking in $93 million domestically and $208 million internationally, taking a reported $170 million budget. With a reported $150 million production budget, it will also be one of the most costly films of all time, according to studio estimates.

Of course, for a movie that has the potential to be the most successful Marvel movie ever, it’s an extremely risky gamble. Reynolds, a relatively unknown actor at this point, is playing the much-hyped super hero — with all of the fanfare and expectations. In fact, Deadpool has more of a cult following, with critics who gave it a lukewarm or negative review complaining that the movie was too similar to its comic counterpart.

On the one hand, Reynolds has been a huge success in a huge market of young male audiences and is now considered one of the top actors in the business. With moviegoers in the age range of 35 to 65 looking for this sort of character who is funny and likeable, this could be the perfect chance for him to find an audience that’s a little older.

On the other hand, this is a movie that no one wants to see. While it certainly has a cult following, it’s not for everyone, and with Deadpool’s track record, you can’t be sure he’ll be able to turn it into box office success.

But with the film now in theaters, you can bet he won’t stop trying. And if he does, we’ll all have to wait a little bit longer to see how his gamble pays off.

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