Deadly Coronavirus Among Slots: More Than 670 Killed in 5 Years; Still a ‘Catastrophic Risk’ for US

Help is on the way for people infected with the deadly Coronavirus, which has killed more than 670 people since 2013, and another strain of the virus that mimics its deadly SARS-like cousin is on the way, a federal report shows.

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Nearly all infections are associated with relatives or other close contacts traveling to Middle East, especially to Saudi Arabia, the report says.

The study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that fat tissue is extremely infectious and carries the virus in such large numbers that it can infect people in a highly concentrated area around a virus source.

They call that a “chimeric risk for infectious aerosol-generated disease.”

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These are findings that could possibly help to expand screening efforts and counter the deadly disease from spreading into the U.S.

The region is very susceptible to germs because people are crowded in close quarters, meaning illness is inevitable when the population is highly migratory.

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