Coronavirus Report: More than 2.8 Million Americans Are Infected With Coronavirus

Coronavirus Report: More than 2.8 Million Americans Are Infected With Coronavirus

Biden Health Department study recommends ongoing mask mandates to help with ‘Long COVID’

A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that Americans would need to continue to wear face masks in public despite the continued spread of COVID-19 if the coronavirus were to hit the United States in the way it is predicted to.

HHS published a new study about COVID-19’s impact on the nation in March 15, 2020, which details a “comprehensive health assessment” of the virus in the United States. In that study, the CDC published the results of the first national survey of Americans’ attitudes, symptoms, and beliefs about the coronavirus.

Some aspects of that report were released earlier today, such as the report’s finding that there are now 2.8 million cases of coronavirus in the U.S., and that COVID-19 deaths total over 17,700, and that more than 935,000 Americans have filed for unemployment.

In another report released today, the CDC’s report on the coronavirus continues, providing details on how the virus is affecting Americans today and in the future.

In the report, HHS also found that in households where the person infected was a household member, over half report they’ve felt “anxiety and/or stress related to COVID-19.” In those households, nearly half report they have “not been tested” by their health care provider because they refuse to do so.

The report also finds that over half of Americans have a low level of trust in their health care system, and that these reports are even more prevalent among non-union members. The report also finds there are almost three times more cases in New York City hospitals of “at least one staff member with severe acute respiratory illness.” New York City has been hit by a surge in coronavirus cases.

In general, the report finds that “more than half of Americans, including half of those

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