Christian Estrosi, presidential candidate in France, will propose flat income tax

Christian Estrosi, a conservative former mayor of Bordeaux who is running for the French presidency in May, will propose a flat tax on personal income if he wins the election, according to press reports.

Estrosi told TFI Radio on Sunday he was close to agreeing with Francois Fillon, the conservative former prime minister and presidential candidate, to support a flat-tax policy.

Under his proposal, the five-percent income tax levied on French citizens would be replaced by a flat 15 percent tax paid by the wealthiest, Estrosi told The Journal du Dimanche newspaper, citing aides in a leaked recording of his interview.

The tax, to be achieved by increasing economic efficiency, would be cut over time, he said.

Such a tax would represent a departure from the policies pursued by President Emmanuel Macron, a center-right former investment banker who favors extending the wealth tax and pushing for lower corporate tax.

Estrosi has taken a hard line on national security, accusing the government of failing to adequately protect France. He is a prominent opponent of a centrist reform of France’s labor laws that Fillon also supports.

During the May election, Fillon was accused of using public funds to pay his wife, Penelope, for performing parliamentary work she never performed. Fillon was forced to withdraw from the election and now runs for the presidency on the conservative ticket.

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