Chicago Police Investigate Two Robberies That Could Be Linked

Chicago Police Investigate Two Robberies That Could Be Linked

Two charged with shooting armored car guard, taking $140,000, may be linked to similar robberies in New York City, Connecticut and elsewhere

This article is more than 3 years old

This article is more than 3 years old

Chicago police are investigating two robberies that might be linked, according to a local newspaper.

The police department has not identified any suspects in the string of robberies but has said the cases appear to be connected.

In the first two robberies, police say a man called 911 while holding a gun as he walked past a closed business. In the first incident, police said he walked up to a window with the gun and demanded money from the cashier.

The second incident, in which police claim a man walked into a closed bank and held a pillowcase over the teller’s head, was caught on surveillance camera.

“We’re concerned they could be linked,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. “They both occurred within a 48-hour period.”

Detectives are reviewing surveillance footage and examining bank security camera tapes in both cases, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“I know it’s a concern, but it’s really a lot more than two robberies,” Guglielmi said.

Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, said the incidents are under investigation but not linked.

“There is no connection between the incidents,” Emanuel said. “The incidents are unrelated.”

In the first of the two robberies, in February, the man, referred to in the Tribune as “a white man”, walked into a closed service station and demanded money.

A witness told police the robber was wearing camouflage pants and a green shirt. An officer followed the man into the station and caught up with him outside.

“My instincts were to pursue him but I had two police officers around me,” the officer told the Tribune. “He had a gun pointed at my head.”

The officer said the man was unarmed. Both victims were taken to a hospital in good condition.

The second incident took place two months later, when a man walked into

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