Canada’s high COVID-19 COOL Cities Map

Telling cities how to manage carbon emissions is difficult without getting the data right. A few months ago, we mapped what we know about Canada’s hot spots for high COVID-19 (calculated by making COII, a combination of carbon dioxide and air pollutants from direct and indirect air emissions, ILO calculated and calculated) levels. During the first round of the survey in March, we chose Toronto and Calgary as the two hottest cities in Canada – since those cities exceeded the national average through the first month of the assessment, data wasn’t available for the other cities until the next round. We don’t know if the latest round of COVID-19 data will reflect the rapid increase in most Canadian cities’ COVID-19 levels or if the trend toward rising COIVV levels has stabilised. If it does not, we will update the maps. In the meantime, we share the COIVV hot spots by city. We’ll continue to share data about the entirety of Canada to gather more information for the second round of the C$15 million survey.

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