Bristol City Coach Is ‘Pissed Off’ By Wesley Sneijder’s Comments


There is nothing about the post-match interview in women’s football that feels the same as in the men’s game: the man speaking as the woman walks off the pitch and away, pushing off a trophy, an occasional clutch of beers in hand, with her husband and daughter joining her in the car.

But that might soon change. When the Football Association decided to seek comment on a practice that causes consternation among some players, it chose Emma Hayes, the Bristol City manager, as one of the interviewees.

Wesley Sneijder, the midfielder for Galatasaray, had stirred a row by saying he had never paid for a beer while playing abroad.

“I haven’t paid for a drink in my time in Turkey, in different countries, not in England,” he said. “I haven’t paid for a drink all over the world.”

He added that “women have men’s rights — their husbands will pay for them.”

The fall-out has been extensive, and after Wednesday’s Champions League Final in Rome, Ms. Hayes said she was “pissed off” that Ms. Sneijder had raised the issue, one of the biggest issues for the women’s game.

“If you’re trying to legislate for equality, I think you want to deal with the guys in the game who are like Ms. Sneijder,” she said. “Otherwise we are going to wind up with half the league drinking themselves silly.”

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