Beto O’Rourke Answers Women’s Rights Questions

From the classroom to the offices of the men who will lead the United States as we embark on a new era of political unity and governance: how are you thinking about the eternally thorny issue of abortion? It is, first and foremost, a women’s rights issue. But for many Americans, it has been a men’s rights issue for a very long time. Not many of us chose the jobs we have. And I hear it pointed out often that, now, as we become a nation of equal citizenship, women have a role that we can no longer avoid. Over the years I’ve used this strategy in my writing, in my postings here, but lately it’s entered my life every day.

The A.D.U. Experiment is a collection of five stories and monologues from people I’ve met who are having a big and profound change in their lives. Among them are two abortion doctors and one woman who runs a reproductive health clinic. I spoke with these people about how the A.D.U. experiments were developing their lives, and also with young people I’ve known who are grappling with the politics of abortion. Some say the abortion politics won’t change one iota, that they’re just trying to make more money. The abortion politics may change one iota — if the laws that they practice upon the many women (and men) in this country are ever changed. But the abortion politics are being completely transformed — like anything else — by the changes to our nation.

So listen as I ask, “How are you thinking about Roe v. Wade?”

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