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Belgium vs Morocco: The Final

Belgium vs Morocco: The Final

Morocco pulls off another World Cup upset, beats Belgium 2-0 to win the U20 World Cup

For a while, it looked as though Belgium would prevail in their World Cup opener against Morocco. After all, if the Belgium boys are going to be beaten, it will be by the world’s best side, and it will be in their own backyard.

It did not eventuate that way. After a series of mistakes, Belgium found themselves on top 12 minutes into the first half. With the team having struggled all tournament, they were on a roll.

Belgium did not have much time to get back on the field, though. Within about ten minutes, the Belgians were down 2-0, and as it turned out, the referee was not about to let them take any chances.

Belgium’s first two goals proved to be decisive though. From the first, Belgium had control over the game, scoring three in a row. They then scored the winner, finishing the match with eight total.

The game itself was more of a draw. Morocco’s defense gave up possession a couple of times, but never seriously threatened the Belgians. And the Belgians capitalized on each opportunity.

The match itself showed that Morocco still struggled to find its legs on the international stage. The first minute was where they were supposed to be at their strongest.

The Belgians controlled the ball well. On the other side, the Morocco defense rarely created any sort of chance. They just played tight and defended hard.

One of those situations occurred just four minutes later. Belgium scored its first goal of the game. It was the only chance Belgium created. It got past the Moroccan defense, leaving behind the rest of the Moroccan team.

Morocco, being the team that has struggled at the senior level of competition had lost its confidence. It was clear that Belgium was the better team now, not letting Morocco take any easy shots. The Moroccan defense was not even in this case.

Belgium was able to take advantage of every mistake the Moroccan defense made. With several times in the opening minutes, Belgium was able to find an opening.


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