Behind the scenes: Inside Tesla

“I want everybody to think I’m excited about autonomy. I’m the reason we’re optimistic about our work.”

“Autonomy is an evolutionary technology. When we were working on autopilot, all of us were excited about what this was going to be, but we also knew it was only the beginning and this was just the beginning.”

When you remove all the personal biases of individuals from the equation, engineers are forced to think differently.

“But there is no perfect technology.”

When studying autonomous cars, engineers are learning to imagine what other humans will expect of the technology, and what they will do, while engaged with it.

“That’s when I do a lot of my crazy stuff.”

Building the groundwork for a whole new way of interaction and representation is often challenging, but one problem that is no longer a concern is cost.

“I didn’t even really think about cost. I didn’t realize what I was doing was so radical.”

In this episode of Inside Tesla, we will analyze Elon Musk’s technological vision with over 250 photos, videos, articles, interviews, game reviews, speed tests, reviews, feedback and social media comments, as well as reviews from industry insiders.

Autonomous vehicles will never catch on in the mainstream, Elon Musk admits — because they’re expensive. We’ll explore what it costs to put hundreds of thousands of expensive cars into the field, why autonomous cars cannot be automated, and the evolution of self-driving technology.

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