Ariana Grande’s New Interview With Kanye and Jay Z

Ariana Grande’s New Interview With Kanye and Jay Z

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So, Kanye and Jay Z are in New York on a mission to raise awareness for gun control. And they’re buying tickets to see Ariana Grande. But the rapper’s latest attempt to shed his image as a party-loving, booty-shaking, man-child will only serve to make him look like a hypocrite on the biggest night for entertainment. As in, the biggest night for entertainment for the music industry.

If you’ll forgive the double meaning, the two men have a plan to raise $100 million to fight gun violence in America. And they’re using Grande as bait to get their money.

To find out more about how they hope to raise that money, take a look at their website. And to read the whole story, check out And while you’re there, why not take a look at the very first interview they did last week with Ariana Grande. It’s a great interview, and she actually appears to agree with them. Here are her comments from the interview:

“There’s a lot of hate and a lot of negativity around these shootings but what I truly believe is that there is still hope. There’s always hope. And as I said on my song ‘Gold-Filled’, not all that happens in your life is negative.”

For a look at the rest of the interview with Grande, check out the video below.

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