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Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 announcements came as a surprise to all of us

Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 announcements came as a surprise to all of us

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Last night, Apple released its third fiscal quarter earnings report and it left the world stunned. Despite seeing profits fall in both hardware and services, Apple still managed to make over $9.9 billion in profit. The iPhone maker sold a record 6.25-million iPhones last quarter, a new records for a single quarter and for a company of its size.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone is the most important product in the company’s history and that the company has never seen anything like it. The company is now reportedly in the process of hiring thousands of new employees to take on the new software as well as a major software update to iOS that’s expected to come this fall.

All of this came as quite a surprise, especially after Apple had been struggling on the stock market for the past four quarters. But, this didn’t stop Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook from announcing a new mobile payment and in-app purchases system that will give consumers the ability to buy virtual goods for apps and games on their iPhones and in-app purchases through the App Store.

Apple announced this new service to its fans on Friday and it’s just one in a series of announcements made on the day that Apple rolled out a new iOS 11 and it’s one in a series of announcements that Apple made on Friday.

There were many more announcements that Apple made on Friday and they all gave some sort of hint to the future of the company that’s been in development for years.

Today’s news of Apple’s upcoming release of iOS 11 came as a surprise to all of us and it appears that Apple has been keeping the new software under wraps for quite a while now.

Apple has been in talks with a number of partners in the past few months that are expected to be part of Apple

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